Yoga Advisor

At Guru’s Gate Yoga we understand that as new students to yoga practice, it’s common that questions, concerns and apprehensions arise! We want to support all of our students and have therefore created our in house, Yoga Advisor.

Our Yoga Advisor is to help you figure out where to start your journey into yoga and to answer any questions about the different types of classes, any injuries you might have, our memberships and studio facilities. Our goal is to help new students settle in and find the right classes and memberships to suit their individual goals and needs. If you have per-existing medical or chronic pain then we will most likely ask that you first see one of our Physical Therapists in order to be provided with a Full Body Evaluation. From here, it is most likely that you will want to participate in one of our Yoga Rx sessions.

We want you to experience the best that Yoga has to offer and I am sure you will find that Yoga is truly for everyone !

Please call the front desk to set up an Appointment for your first visit.

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