You had me at SatNam

Hi there. My name is Lisa R and I am your new blogger for Gurus Gate Yoga.  This is my first blog entry so before talking about upcoming activities and plans for the friends of Gurus Gate, I would like to share with you my personal yoga journey.  I took my first flow class fifteen years ago.  Although the experience was so strenuous I thought that I might faint before the twenty-minute mark, I found I deeply loved the focus and the calm I felt afterwards.

My yoga practice grew stronger over the years, improving not just my physical strength but also my ability to believe in myself and to think and feel better.  In fact yoga was the first exercise I enjoyed.  Before yoga I did what, I think, we all do.  I ran, I lifted weights, I tried to get “aerobicized”.   Remember aerobics?  Haha it was loud, fast and pretty much the opposite of yoga!  I never loved any of those workouts.

But with yoga my body felt stronger and my confidence clearer, and that was just the first step.  The step that followed was my true reward.  Over the next five years of practice, during shavasana, I found that I began to have an understanding of meditation.

I bought a book called “Mindfulness Meditation” and, focusing on my breath for fifteen minutes a day, taught myself to meditate.  That led me to seek out and read dozens of books on Buddhist traditions, and other progressive new-age topics.

The introduction of flow yoga (for the body) along with meditations (for the mind) truly improved my mind/body/soul, and my entire life started to work better!  I stopped clinging to old thought patterns and trained my mind to look at things differently.  I “got better”, and as the old story goes, when you get better everyone else in your life does, too.

Funny, each new benefit can make you think you are “done” but you never really are.  There is always improvement to shoot for.  On a hunch I tried a Kundalini yoga class.  My first impression was “ok, wow, weird” but afterwards I felt different and better than after a flow yoga class. I stayed with Kundalini, going once a month, then once a week, all the while feeling a little brighter and lighter and happier.

There was also physical help.  For some (probably emotional) reason, I had started feeling unusual pains in my arms and legs, felt tired yet had trouble sleeping at night.  I goggled the symptoms and found they were possibly a description of fibromyalgia.  Whatever it was, I wanted help.  My acupuncturist thought I had blocked energy in my body.  Hearing that, I looked to my new discovery, Kundalini, and decided to take up practice every day.  And?  The symptoms disappeared!

Kundalini Yoga clearly helped me, physically, but I have received so much more.  I’ve started to step into my own power.  More and more I am removed from my own mind’s troubles.  Today, people often comment that I look fantastic. I feel free.

Not many experiences can be called truly remarkable.  But when something as simple as a yoga class creates such a personal shift, it deserves to be noticed!   I gave Kundalini yoga a chance, and it changed me for the better.

Life is growth.  Listen to your heart/mind.  It may be telling you to try something new.  And a good place to start is Gurus Gate Yoga.  Gurus Gate Yoga is the South Bay’s only Kundalini Yoga studio and offers plenty of regular yoga too. Whether you use Kundalini as a primary yoga or as an add-on, you can do it all at Gurus Gate.  It can change your life!

Sat Nam

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