gurus gate YOGA’s wide variety of unique treatments assist with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, bringing one closer to harmony.

Initial Assessment – $150 for 90 minutes
Follow up – $120 for 60 minutes
5 Pack – $510
9 pack – $840

Our experienced acupuncturist has treated hundreds of patients with a huge range of physical problems from parkinsons to weight loss. Acupuncture also helps a wide range of mental, emotional and physical problems.

Deep Tissue/Sport and Orthopedic
$95 for 1 hour, $130 for 90 minutes

Maintains the body in its best athletic condition helping to prevent injury and loss of mobility – and to restore mobility after an injury. This work also addresses chronic pain in a non-invasive manner and as an alternative to drugs or surgery. It is effective for the treatment of muscular injuries, as well as back pain, sciatica, and other persistent and painful problems. During a session, the therapist assists in releasing affected muscles to increase blood flow and facilitate healing. It is excellent for reducing back pain and increasing general relaxation with the aim of boosting overall performance in sports and life.

$150 for 105 mins
3 Pack – $420
6 Pack – $780

We begin with a gentle scrub to stimulate lymphatic drainage and toxin removal. For 50 minutes you will relax in a sauna blanket while the deep heat relaxes and repairs muscle pains.Prepare to sweat! The deep heat helps relax, release toxins and relieve many types of pain and the sweating burns 800-1200 calories. We either wipe off or slip into a quick shower rinse before returning to the table for a contour massage to help ease muscle aches and smooth cellulite.

Integrative Therapeutic Massage
$95 for 1 hour, $130 for 90 minutes

Combines a number of massage and meridian based techniques such as swedish, circulatory, deep tissue massage, manual therapy, cranial sacral unwinding and shiatsu to address the specific needs of each client. This type of session addresses the body’s soft tissues and increases blood circulation to balance the emotional and physiological state of the body, calm the nervous system, improve parasympathic functioning and relieve sore and tired muscles. This is a relaxing therapeutic session designed specifically for each individual client.

Presso and Contour
$130 for 90 Minutes
3 pack – $360
6 pack – $660

Relax with your clothes on as you begin pressotherapy for 30 minutes on your legs and abdomen. Pressotherapy feels like a gentle air compression massage a bit like a blood pressure monitor for your body. It helps the lymphatic system by moving toxins, improving circulation, repairing cells and assisting the immune system. This treatment relieves pain and helps break up cellulite. The treatment is finished with a contour massage (50-60 min) to improve skin, body toning and muscle pain.

Structural Bodywork
$95 for 1 hour, $130 for 90 minutes

A holistic, multi-system approach to improving overall alignment and function of the body. This type of session involves assesment and treatment of the musculoskeletal, visceral and neural systems. The therapist utilizes gentle manual therapy techniques, visceral and neural manipulation and therapeutic massage to assist the body’s innate healing capacity and restore optimal functioning to all systems. This type of session addresses postural alignment, chronic pain, illness, digestion, and other effects the organs have on musculoskeletal functioning. This work is designed to assist in restoring the natural cycles and rhthyms of the body and creating greater ease of movement and function on all levels.