Gurus Gate Yoga


Guru’s Gate Yoga Studio is designed to be a haven of tranquility, relaxation, rejuvenation and transformation. We have implemented a wide variety of holistic wellness services including organic facials, massage with essential oils and an array of spiritual healing therapies and spiritual counseling.

Join us for any of our therapies at Guru’s Gate Yoga. Please contact us for more details or call us at 310-376-0107 to register.

Ayurvedic Massage – Abhyanga

This is an amazing, holistic, therapeutic style massage that utilizes Ancient healing techniques using plenty of high grade Organic medicinal oil. This full body, deep massage will relieve aches and pains and bestow a beautiful glow to the body. The oil penetrates the skin nourishing the tissues and joints, increasing circulation and purifying the lymphatic system. It’s benefits are so strong that it’s recommended to give yourself a daily Abhyanga to increase longevity.

Raindrop Therapy Massage

This Therapy uses Massage, Aromatherapy and reflexology to bring harmony to body, mind and soul. The finest Young Living Essential Oils are applied on various locations of the body to bring it structural and electrical alignment and spinal rejuvenation. The wonderful aroma and healing properties of the oils will help align the energy centers of the body and release them if blocked. An excellent stress, anxiety and pain reliever you will feel amazing after this treatment.


This divine treatment is one of the most heavenly rituals in Ayurveda. A steady flow of warm herbal oil is poured on the third eye stimulating the pituitary gland and inducing a profound feeling of relaxation and clarity of mind. It stimulates the release of Melatonin, Dopamine and Seratonin which help with depression, anxiety and insomnia. It is also excellent for the nervous system, mental stress and insomnia. The treatment is best followed with Abhyanga massage.

Aromatherapy Facial

Relax into this breathtaking facial, the intoxicating aroma of the organic essential oils stimulates the senses, balances our moods and supports your skin’s own ability to breathe. The therapeutic benefits of this facial will relax, re-balance and encourage the mind, body, and soul’s well being. The incredible bonus is we use the Reiki infused aromatherapy skin care line from Reiki Natural.


Relax and unwind with this soothing form of hands on healing. Reiki helps calm the mind, reduce stress and balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Reiki is made up of two Japanese words – Rei Which means Universal and Ki which means Life Force Energy. If our life force energy is low, this can create energy blockages in the body leading to emotional difficulties and disease. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Come and enjoy a beautiful hour of healing and leave feeling peaceful, light and joyous.

Reiki Drumming

Reiki drumming has many positive effects, including boosting the immune system, relieving stress, calming the mind, relaxing the body and on a spiritual level can bring forth great insight and wisdom. It has been shown to lower Cortisol, balance the hemispheres of the brain and bring you into an Alpha frequency which is one of calm and bliss. This treatment is excellent for pain as the drumbeat produce pain-relievers into the blood. It can be used to journey and also for mental and emotional re-programming whereby the drumming will instigate an energetic shift necessary to positively affect the subconscious mind.