Rehab with Licensed PT

Did you know that 60 million Americans suffer from back pain?

Another 100 million suffer from Chronic pain. For many, these Chronic pains have been a source of discomfort for many years. FOR many of us, we have seen a host of practioners without getting any closer to living pain free. The results we have seen from those who have established Yoga as a therapeutic method for themselves has been extremely encouraging. So, as of January 1st 2014, we have teamed up a leading team of Licensed Physical Therapists to diagnose and treat patients at our facility. Our licensed PT’s have created a complete Full Body analysis protocol that is designed to treat your injury or pain in a more holistic approach outlining and treating the Source problems.

Our PT’s will meet with each client or patient in a private treatment room in a one hour one on one session to begin with. From there, follow up visits will take place to further identify and treat. A lot of the time pain will be a result of a Muscle imbalance. Patients who can will then be referred by the Licensed PT onto a specific Yoga Therapy Rx specialists.

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