Yoga RX

Yoga Therapy Rx is the latest restorative technique that combines Yoga with medical therapy to provide healing for injuries, assist in digestion problems, support the immune system, ease the symptoms of chronic pain or disease, help in weight management, balance the endocrine system, assist in the functioning of the respiratory system, manage stress, and stimulate the energy level & spirit of an individual. Yoga Therapy Rx serves on an integrative medicine level and is an overall complement for preventative care and general well-being.

Our YOGA Rx Therapists are all credentialed by the Loyola Marymount YOGA Rx program created by Dr. Larry Payne. Our Yoga Rx technicians will create a personalized yoga program to assist clients on their path of healing. We offer one-on-one evaluations to assess range of motion, physical limitations, and intake a person’s overall health profile to determine where positive changes can begin. From there we together create a Yoga Therapy program customized to fit with the individual’s lifestyle, time commitment, and goals.